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Adding Images to Cards

You can add images to Cards directly from a web page, or from the file system on your computer. Images can be Resized, Flipped, Mirrored and Rotated directly from the designer.

On a web page, right click the image (that you have permission to use) and select Copy.

Right click image for Menu Right click Designer to position and select Paste Image

Or right click the Designer, select Add Image and select an image directly from your computer.
Mouse-wheel to re-size images, left click and drag to position.

Right click any image to access Rotate and Opacity menus and select desired effect for individual images.

Image Controls Mouse over any image and roll your mouse-wheel while holding down various keyboard keys to resize, rotate or edit image aspect ratios (narrower or wider, taller or shorter).

See Layer Overlap Order to overlap text blocks and images in the desired order.

Roll your mouse-wheel with no key to resize. Roll with:
Left CTRL → image Height . . . . Left SHIFT → image Width . . . . Right CTRL → image Rotate.

Too many images consumes inkjet cartridges or toner Remember, too many images and colors will consume inkjet or toner cartridges and slow printing.

Make Your Own Cards, Tickets, Invitations Print file

XPS Viewer If you're using Windows 10 and the print file (.XPS) won't open, you'll need to re-install the XPS Viewer app.
  1. Open Settings Start / Settings
  2. Click on Apps then Click Apps & features.
  3. Under "Apps & features" click Manage optional features.
  4. Click the Add a feature button.
  5. Select XPS Viewer from the list and Click the Install button

Convert XPS to PDF With Windows 10, you can convert the XPS Print File to PDF. Open the XPS file, choose Print from the File Menu, then choose Windows Print to PDF as the Select Printer option.

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