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Paper Airplane Templates. Pre-marked Guides

Paper Airplane Templates Select a suitable page size form the 'Layout' drop-down and select 'Airplane Dart' from the 'Templates' drop-down to draw paper airplane (Dart) guide lines on the designer. Larger (1 Row 1 Col) airplanes will fly best, but smaller ones will also fly and you can print more to a page.

The guide lines are faintly drawn on the designer, so you can position elements correctly on the Airplane before printing, cutting and folding.
The template will always align with the longest side of the selected item size.

You can position Individual Names and Individual Images on the airplane. It's easiest to first create, print and fold up an empty template (of the size you will use) and mark the areas of the folded airplane where you want to add images, Names, text etc. Then unfold the paper template to see where on the template designer to place objects.

You can make 2 print files, one for the top and the other for the bottom of the airplane. Print one side then turn the pages over and print the other side from the second print file.

Make Your Own Cards, Tickets, Invitations Print file

XPS Viewer If you're using Windows 10 and the print file (.XPS) won't open, you'll need to re-install the XPS Viewer app.
  1. Open Settings Start / Settings
  2. Click on Apps then Click Apps & features.
  3. Under "Apps & features" click Manage optional features.
  4. Click the Add a feature button.
  5. Select XPS Viewer from the list and Click the Install button

Convert XPS to PDF With Windows 10, you can convert the XPS Print File to PDF. Open the XPS file, choose Print from the File Menu, then choose Windows Print to PDF as the Select Printer option.

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