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Demo Print File

  Open Demo Print File to see layout

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Alert Follow all relevant local Regulations before printing tickets!

Printing Tickets - Creating the Print File

We recommend you create a print file, and then print the tickets in batches from this saved file. Open the file and select File/Print from the Menu to print.

Demo Print File Open this Demo Print File to see the format.

Any tickets that are not printed correctly (low ink, paper jam?) can easily be re-printed from this file.

Set Ticket From number, Books and Tickets per Book from the dropdowns and click Printing Printing to display the Print Settings Dialog.

Leave the Create Print File radio button selected, to create and save the Print File.

If the pages exit your printer upside down, check the Printer Prints Face Down checkbox to re-order the pages in correct order for stapling, perforating and cutting into books.

The tickets should fit on both Letter and A4 sized paper (or larger). If you use Letter, and the bottom of the page is cropped, try setting the Printer Page Size to A4 (but still use Letter). Also, ensure the printer scale is set to 100% (not 'Shrink To Fit') and any margins are set as low as possible.

Click OK to name and save the Print File to your computer. The file may take a minute or two to create, with progress displayed. When finished, click Open Print File to open the print file in IE and inspect the tickets and covers. From this file, opened in IE, you can print, or re-print in batches of pages. (from page ... to page ...)

Raffle ticket Print Dialog options Raffle ticket Print Dialog printing progress Raffle ticket Print Dialog Finished

Demo Print File It's a good idea to create your print file with more Books than you initially think you'll need. You can then easily print more Tickets if needed later, without having to re-create the print file with the extra Books.

Tip If you're printing a large numberof tickets, consider creating multiple (consecutive) print files. Then you can delegate files to different people to print in batches.

If you need your print file in .PDF format, convert the .XPS file to .PDF with the XPS to PDF Converter program under menu at left.

Make Your Own Raffle Tickets Raffle Ticket Printer Covers are assembled in correct sequence to staple and cut books of tickets

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