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Demo Print File

  Open Demo Print File to see layout

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Alert Follow all relevant local Regulations before printing tickets!

Raffle Ticket Printing - Design Tickets Free Online and Print on Your Printer

Click Start RafflePrinter to start program.

Design Tickets and Covers by adding text and images to create and save a Print File.
Open the Print File and select 'Print' to print your tickets.
No restrictions, trials or watermarks!

Pages are assembled from the printer in correct sequence for stapling, perforating and separating into books.

4 tickets are printed per page, with 4 covers every 11th page (if 10 tickets per book)
See Printing Tickets for more Printing help.

Once printed, separate pages into books (11 pages each), staple the ends on the mark, use a sewing machine (no thread!) to perforate the stub line, and use a guillotine (or scissors) to cut the horizontal lines for books.

You will need a reasonably fast printer to print the tickets. Try printing demo cover and ticket pages to get an idea of the total time it will take to print all tickets on your printer. Keep images and cover backgrounds to a minimum to speed printing and conserve ink. Right click Ticket for Menu

Demo Print File Open this Demo Print File to see the format.

To add images to tickets or covers, right click the ticket, choose Add Image and select an image from your computer. Or right click an image on a web page (that you have permission to use), Right click image or Text block for Menu choose Copy then right click in the ticket designer and select Paste Image. Drag, flip, mirror and rotate images by right clicking and selecting from the Menu.
Roll your Mouse-wheel to Re-Size the image or text.

Right click Add Text to enter text. Re-Size with Mouse-wheel.

Move the slider under the stub~ticket line to move the line, adjusting the stub and ticket widths. Backgrounds will stretch to fit adjusted ticket width. Click 'Reset' to reset to original width.

Printer Prints Face Down? If the pages exit your printer upside down, (some laser printers do, while inkjets print face up) select 'Printer Prints Face Down' in the Printing dialog, to correctly sequence the pages as they exit the printer.

RafflePrinter is a Free to use online ticket design application to create your own Raffle Tickets.
Hit the 'Start' button to run the program free from this site. Design tickets from base raffle ticket templates to create and save a print file containing all the tickets (and covers). Open the print file and print the tickets to your printer. No restrictions or watermarks.

Make Your Own Raffle Tickets Raffle Ticket Printer Covers are assembled in correct sequence to staple and cut books of tickets

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